Sunday, December 25, 2005


Few old vids from 04.

The car was fully steel panelled, full concours interior, no alloy bits, but with a half decent engine. Since then the real business began - I have extracted alot more power from the ignition curve and switched to DHLA carbs plus lost a shit load of weight!.

Video's were filmed on extended progression Weber DCOM (not E) carbs as used on 205 rallye.

These gave great throttle response, the DHLA worked as well out the box power wise but I couldn't match the response. After testing around 100 main, tube, pump, corrector combos on the road in proper situation I found about 5 working setups ranging in style -on DHLA its so easy to setup 5 different types of power delivery via the tubes and idle tube settings, on the same engine, lazy road, economical, punchy, less punchy and retain the same WOT power....I went round the block completely testing mains from 100-145, tubes 1-6-8-5-7 and correctors from 130 to 230. I finally found the DHLA setting which gave it all (50idle, 1 holder, 112-114main (temp dependant), 7 tube, 150 corrector, 30 choke, 35pump)This is not actually how I see most DHLA setup that I buy in, usually non emission are using bigger mains and correctors, I found these worked well but my settings give you such active response, fantastic!


old school! short while after buying the beast(ette) edit date is wrong must be 2001, a lovely standard car on 155's and fixed rear spring, excuse the dodgy camera position and my hair....

wait, wait power.

a very steep hill, as a fit cyclist this one hurts alot, can now goes up here much better as you can run 2nd all the way up 8-) I broke a rocker going up here on the 3.63 diff due to a dodgy pushrod and trying sustained 7000+ in 2nd (what was motorway limit?)

wet, squirrly rear end grip on exit, just yawing about and a bit of wheel wiggling -depending on which wheel was gripping...

just having a laugh provoking it in the wet

how to reach 6K in 4th very quickly, note the quick change, no moan from the box, gotta luv the 1850box! opps didn't really enter fast enough for a slide, oh well lets create one! or two. The box engages first at speed without any moaning.

RING VIDS! a few Opel Estate Diesel clips, very slow car, had fun basting it

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