Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breakthrough on Insurance - Mate, Bikers badly injured at the Ring :(

The guy in the bike videos I posted on the forum fell off on oil yesterday at HoheAct and suffered a suspected broken back and wrist...Good news is his backs fine and he will be fixed soon!


Well finally after 4hrs of intensive rangling I may have sorted out this useless set of companies.

Appears they have been hassling the wrong company, or insurance!

Maybe some prat at the my insurance company entered the wrong numberplate into the system and brought up the wrong details, they have sent 16letters to some company called Summit Insurance, this company has denied all knowledge of the incident or claim, or car I am claiming against.

Would it have not been adviseable to possibly chase the details I gave them on my claims form? An address, Tel number and name of the driver and company he works for? No that would be too much hassle!

Just keep sending letters to a company denying knowledge of the incident and car thats a good idea!

So after supplying them with the details again they have called the Hereford and Worcester Fire Brigade and hopefully tomorrow should have the real insurance details regarding the claim I am making!

Hopefully then we can finally draw this matter to a conclusion, accident was 06 July 2006! I have been swung like a long dick from company to company and it was only when I started to get a bit aggitated and on the verge of abusive did the nice lady pass me over to a higher power in the call centre, someone who actually had my file, suddenly within 5minutes I have made more progress than in 8weeks...

I will call the Fire Service tomorrow and express of my gratitude if they send their insurance details to my insurance company with my claim numbers.

Had I not done something this would have lagged on for another 2months till my insurance is allowed to stop sending pestering letters and take legal action, even then legal action would be a pointless as they are chasing the wrong bloody company!!!!!!!!!

My god what a pain the ass!

I hate call centres! Full of prats!

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