Friday, September 01, 2006

Valve mash

One mashed valve. Collets look new bar the base rings cracked off, bloody hard material them collects!

All ready to go back together, sadly my old valve has a bit of a pit in 1 area, not suprising I learnt my carb trade on those valves! too much to recut. I'll have to sort my last spare out tomorrow. Thats the vital bit, hope the shops open or i'll have to go blagging.

Guess I'll spend all morning running about finding parts.

Engine looks good inside bar a slight bit of funnyness in No3 bore in a thin area top to bottom, rings still intact not sure whats caused it, not that arsed either I will be making another bottom-end soon...Don't think its causing any problems as its running well I think with no blow by etc. Thrash it till it gives in!

Will change to 6 plugs for general driving and 7 on the trackdays etc. Little bit too much "crusty" carbon in a few places, have to run a bit rich cause of the cam etc so maybe thats just life eh? I'll run 6's and check the difference next time the heads off.

De-carboned the pistons and cylinder head, my favoured tools on the head are redex, left to soak for 30mins then wire wool, carbon gone in moments, pistons cleaned very carefully with a razor blade at steep angle inwards to keep carbon out the rings...Clean head gasket surface with a razor blade then Ethanol as its mildy abrasive.

Bit of a pain in the arse! 3am! doh.

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