Thursday, September 28, 2006

Insurance Pain! New car found? BMW 525i SE

He guy who ploughed into me is a lying worm! I shall be making formal complaint again him with the Chief Fire Officer etc at the station. He wrote a pack of lies on his report of the accident, been to the scene today taking photo's and making a case to send my insurance. What hassle. This guy needs a good working over. I am axed with this grief. Its sapping my energy! Still looking at the damage left on both cars there CANNOT be ANY dispute over what happened, so hopefully his insurance will roll over and be tickled shortly.

Fat Pimp Wagon.
Comfort? Oh yes.

Proper engine!

Might have found a new motor, will be checking it out tomorrow with a view to purchase. Its a 1990 BMW 525i SE, 4 speed auto (never mind!), all the toys, black unmarked leather interior, air con, electric everything, 90,000miles, full BMW history, 192BHP 24V 6 cylinder late model engine with gobs of torque. Its near concours condition. Sounds like a steal at £1000, or hopefully less :) Best one I seen yet, low miles, they often run for 250000miles if well serviced.

If I manage to secure the car tomorrow it'll be good! Have to do a DIY gas conversion, but it'll still do 32mpg on the motorway and 25 general, 10mpg at full chat!

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