Tuesday, September 12, 2006

War of the Wasps

House invasion! Nest the size of two shoe boxes!!! Little critters are making another nest. Spent all afternoon injecting their nest with various chemicals, the war is near over. Outside on the path is a cemetry. The roof is full of dead. Sounds like a river running over stones when you get your head by the main nest its HUGE!! I had to wear a face mask, goggles, a hat, two thick jumpers, a dust mask to get near it...I got stung a load of times yesterday spraying nippon dust onto the entrances on the roof, they swarm there's that many!

So I prepared a little better today. Instant wasp killer is contact cleaner in a spray can, works really well when they get frisky, works especially well injected into the nest via a 3 foot piece of brake pipe!

Don't like killing things but they are everywhere and they ain't welcome.

I counted over 200 I killed, must be more than a 1000 in total? Odd for wasps! Saw a Hornet Queen today too...VERY rare. I let that one go!

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