Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fun with a Zetec powered Sylvia Striker!

Had a great day today. Did a house call, fitting some DHLA45 P, powerjet carbs to a Zetec powered Sylvia Striker.

Car was on DHLA40's with 30mm chokes and obviously ran like a sack of ****.

Off with the carbs and on with some Davesideways reconditioned specials.

Straight forward fitment, bar adjustment of throttle linkage and levers.

Bolted on, fired first turn of the key and idle'd well! Then balanced and idle's tuned.

3hrs after starting we went for a test run. Amazingly the carbs required no further adjustment and gave near seamless delivery and the power increase was VERY apparent!

I must say the Striker is a superb car with awesome grip levels and corners on rails, very very good, stops on a 50p and kicks you in the back in a way you rarely feel on 4 wheels, atleast after I had tuned it anyway! Really quick, just grab gears and the scenery arrives very quickly.

I guess is had 300-325HP per tonne. Guy just needs to fit some 275 rally cams to finish off the deal.

DHLA45P's what a great carb!

I'd buy a striker.

Time to wash the Beast and sort out my tools and get an early night.

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