Friday, September 29, 2006

More Inusrance fun, official complaints, wrangling.

Been onto the Chief Fire Officer, Chief Transport manager today. Later I will call the Fire Service complaints department.

I have the transport manager back onto his insurance and await his reply. I think he appeared keen to avoid a Complaint from my grasp of the situation. So maybe he will fill them in with a different story now to attempt to quash this problem? Complaints aren't good for them. If he doesn't give me the outcome I want I will be straight into making a formal complaint to the fire service.

I will be making a formal a complaint anyway I think. As he had the accident report infront of him and read some words from it, which tie in with the false representation of the events that was given to the insurance company. So Mr Evans has been telling porkies, this is NOT the behaviour I expect from a public organisation, I am DISGUSTED with them.

I shall be retaining my car as evidence of single heavy impact damage from another car. Evans claimed he was stationary and I drove round his front corner...If that were the case my car would have a mild scrape along the whole side? Not a single 4inch deep panel deflection on a VERY strong part of the car! Should be plainly obvious to any investigating engineer that the accident was caused by a ram from another car.

I have wasted nearly 2 full days these week photographing the scene, car, phoning etc. When they do admit liability.

*immediate update*

Transport manager calls again : Looking good. He's definately on my side now he has all the information, Mr Evans will be brought for an interview shortly. Manager is VERY keen avoid a complaint and make me happy, I can tell. Hopefully he will just send a different series of events to the insurance!

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