Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Diagnosis Murder, total right off - engine is a RIP

Final diagnosis is the entire head fell of the exhaust valve stem on number 4, the piston didn't fail on its own it was mutilated by the valve head, as the cylinder head shows.

Shame but this spells the end of my car using a Triumph engine. I will pickup a Zetec or Duratec in the next months and fit this over the winter.

I can't justify spending £1000+ building another engine thats gonna be strong enough to take the abuse and do road mileage etc...

Without very costly and time consuming repairs my heart of the engine, the cylinder head is a right off, can be repaired welding up the chamber and reshaping but my motivation for these things is running low.

I need the car be fast but also 100% durable, I can't see this ever being the case using a 1300 4 banger, its all on the margin unless you use top spec everything.

So thats the deal!

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VitesseEFi said...

Ouch! Bad luck Dave. Just one of those things, but it makes a hell of a mess......

Presumably the block and crank are salvageable although I'd be a bit wary about using no 4 con-rod again! Pity about the head though if the valve seats are intact it might clean up.

Pity to leave Triumph engines behind but I can understand your reasoning. How about Honda 1600 VTEC - that would be something you can reaally rev.......