Friday, July 06, 2007

Eurghh - Long days and Nights. New pet.

Made a new friend...I heard this noise at 2am when I was still the garage last night. This poor little fella had taken a tumble from his nest was groundbound, his parents were asleep, he can't fly yet...Neighbours cat was about to eat him...He has a little wound to his leg from the cat, but its perfectly ok, I cleaned it up for him with a bit of ethanol...Think he was a bit pissed after?

I was digging up worms at 3am, he instantly took to his new daddy...Rub his beak and he opens it and you stick worms down it, easy enough, feed him water with a syringe. Half expected him to be dead this morning, but no, he was chirping for food...He's a little fighter! He's a blackbird I think, but might be a Thrush...

He spent the day in the garage with me, he was calling for his mum all day, some blackbirds came close, but I can't let him go till I have trained him to fly and built his strength up...3 cats next door...He needs training.

He ate about 25 worms today, the fat porker! At this rate he will be too heavy to fly...He happily sits on my finger and feeds, he is not stressed and was quite relaxed last night, he now likes me alot..hops about after me.

I like to save little critters, cause they have a hard enough time, they don't screw people over, they aren't greedy or wot not, they just like some food and some love :)
He is asleep he had a long day eating worms and chirping plus he was up half the night being fed.
Jaguar is cominf on, after 4x 16hr days...Hopefully be able to fire it up over the weekend, test drive monday?
Interior is nearly complete, leather, totally trimmed.
Few bits to go in, leather headlining.
Just the airbox to fit, some piping, fill with oil, water, turn key? Needs alot more work, but its just gonna come to a head very soon. Hopefully on schedule? Probably another 70-80hrs in it though...Thats not including training my new friend.

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