Sunday, July 01, 2007

Few things to keep me busy

Got an MGF expansion cap, its a funny screw on thing, its about 15psi release..Trying to find a threaded alloy neck to get it welded on the old header the same time find a coolant level warning system I am happy with. Looked for a decent fan on ebay, but yet to find one!

Also I think I could run the stock VVC induction system and VVC system if I wanted, just need complete MGF engine loom, got an ECU...Not that I intend to, but it will JUST go under the bonnet about 5-10mm clearance... cause I made some further mods to the engine location after I decided to go piper-cams and 4 runner induction and the engine is lower than I expected, just a thought....I could use all my existing systems and exhaust its just the induction thats different, I left enough space behind the engine to the bulkhead so that the VVC system and rear belt will fit..just have to patch in a loom...

You can now use a VVC Emerald ECU unit, which can control the VVC system opening the cams at different times etc as well as fueling and ignition...and just wire it up with an MGF loom and new ECU, and wot not...I measured up earlier...

I don't intend to do that, just thoughts.

If I really like the conversion I might *gasp*...Use fuel injection bodies in the future and wedge some 285M cams in with some banded liners and forged pistons and could make a reliable 215-200HP.

Personally I expect it'll be a total rocketship anyway...

I reckon looking at the speed of a stripped out 150HP XE engined Nova at Castle Combe at the Action day! (1m19s), the car should, on some soft tyres, have potential for 1:17-1:18 laps if it makes 175HP...Thats pretty quick for a "road-car".

I can't see myself moving from the K in a hurry, cause they are simply rampantly cheap really (not quite as cheap for VVC) and there are 2,500,000 engines out there waiting to be blown up! The bottom-end is basically indestructable, the HGF is basically sorted, they rev like buggery, they put out stacks of torque for an 800...Funny the MG Midgets with K-Power, Race-cars and Caterhams never have any HeadGasketFailures cause they run different water systems? The saloons aren't that prone either, its just mid-engined cars, the MGF in particular..Cause of the botch-up water system.

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