Sunday, July 22, 2007

Few developments

Found a threaded adaptor to take a Ford pressure cap, not sure of the pressure till I test it, got this cap and another one coming, the other is 17psi. No overflow bottle needed with a well sized expansion cap, never vented before.
Moved the rack mount over, cut a V from the chassis mount to clear my oil line, banged the remaining edge over and welded it back together.
Thats my engine mount chassis rails some paint and the turret on this side as it was looking a bit naff. The whole front suspension could do with re-powder coating...Its a bit grotty, the powder coating was done 15years ago and it was a crap job. Not that arsed cause the bushes are good, the trunnions are good, the wheel bearings are timken etc and virtually new.
So the chassis mods are complete.

I will probably take the tub off the chassis next winter do some hardcore mods, like stiffening the mainrails of the chassis under the gearbox/bulkhead. Maybe adding some tubes from the cage to the front of the chassis/turrets, building a birdcage chassis over the diff and adding some tubes forward to the mainrails, and add a subaru diff and Lotus Elise rear suspension (watch this space)...Then get it blasted and powder coated + the front suspension and tart it up.


Ryan said...

The Elise for any real reason? How about the whole rear section of a MX5 from a scrapper? ;)

David fa niente said...

Hi Dave. I too am looking at slipping a Subaru diff into the Frankenfire (my other 63 spit). Also been looking at the DAX camber compensation anti-roll suspension. Frankie is a test bed/toy. It was missing the engine and gear box when I picked it up so I am not destroying a good car. Looking at the Duratec engine... Caterham cross pollination. Also, do you still have your little bird friend?

Anonymous said...

haven't you finished this bloody car yet!