Friday, July 20, 2007

Movement in the correct direction.

Aftering getting my MIG working I taught myself to weld in a few hours and seam welded the chassis rail lips that had been cut back, welded in the rear gearbox cross-member mount. Gave the chassis a coat of paint.
Welded on the box sections/front engine mounts. The engine can now be hard mounted in. Just need to get it outside, powerwash the front of the chassis/turrets give them some paint, thats the chassis done.
Hopefully I can get the bulkhead re-made over the weekend, welded next week and painted next weekend. Then I can fit the engine finally and get on the ancillaries on. Just need to make a gearbox tunnel then. Paint the inside of the cockpit, leaving just the exhaust section to be made. Sounds like next to bugger all work, but its still another 100hrs I bet.

Feeling more motivated now, burnt out before.

Gotta buy an AC/DC tig...I can be TOTALLY self sufficent then as this has MMA function and can stick weld REALLY thick stuff too.

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