Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pain Pain Pain

This getting other people to do stuff is a real pain. I must leave to weld.

Got some guy recommended as a good welder, came round today.

Had to go out, left him with instructions, pretty obvious as the sections were all tacked in place and ready to go. Come back to a load of mess, burned holes, pigeon shit, splatter, loads of grinding on thin material. I said I'd clean it up after he'd finished, but thats no excuse for the mess created of my lovely panels...

So bad I had to hack it all out and start again, sent the bloke off with some verbal.

Pissed off, I am now left with a gapping great hole in my bulkhead, all the stuff I made is wasted and I have a good couple of days solid work to fix it!

I have to re-instate the area over the pedals, which is a pain as the pedal boot rubbers will be a swine to fit as the pressed raised sections are really nasty now, maybe my mate in worcester has a scrap car I can rob some from, I had to hack the support bracket from the bulkhead as there was a real mess there so thats needs a plate and the section remaking.

Really having doubts over the 10CR, its just a rush and I can see its being stress, but we will see. Best go buy a load of steel sheet tomorrow and start remaking the bulkhead...This has put me back 2weeks I reckon.

Also after this mad period on the Jag, my enthusiasm is very low.

I need to get it brazed or tig'ed or gas welded as I want a neat job.

Tempting to make it all from alloy and bond/pop-rivet it together, don't have to deal with idoits then...?

It all goes so well till other people get involved...

Now its even more of a pain cause its a not a one-sitting job.


David fa niente said...

It is a pisser when "professionals" screw up really well executed work such as yours. You would probably become a first rate welder with the time and effort you put into your work.

Ryan said...

Wouldn't pop riveting cause a major loss of rigidity?

Sorry to hear about that bussiness though. :'(

David Powell said...

Its a pain. I spent till 4am this morning putting it half right! I will have to invest in Tig machine, I am sick of other people ruining everything I do! Ruining my bulkhead, ruining my oil block...Never to my standard.

Pop rivets? Depends how its done, good overlaps, lashings of Adheseal, probably as strong as welded sections, certainly no weaker than spot welded sections on a stock car, depends who does it.

New bulkhead will be steel once again, it must be done in the next 10days I need to get paint on it within 2weeks...

David Powell said...

BTW David, don't know you directly? Great blog! Well done.