Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mk2 Bulkhead few other jobs.

Finally made Mk2 bulkhead, better than the last one, real brain ache with a massive hole to fill.

Some way through construction.

Finished awaiting welding. not confident enough to do it myself yet, plus mig welding is messy with this welder on thin stuff as power and wire feed are inconsistant and amps are marginal for thin stuff, hopefully badger someone into doing it over the weekend. Inside the bulkhead is ready for paint and sealing. Made the bulkhead from 1.1mm stuff this time, its VERY solid and stiffer than the old one, plus it will be seam welded.

Did this side myself, came out ok.
Cut out and rewelded the handbrake mount. Its not off angle to clear the tunnel and gearstick. Neat job.

Loads of work to get it ready for the 10CR, but we might make it, provided I can have the bulkhead and inside painted by next weekend.

Just leaving the tunnel and exhaust and building the thing up, cam timing and finally assembly work.

Tuning may still be under progress on the way to the 10CR :)

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