Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blah Blah...

Most bizarre location for a brake M/C reservior...Needs must for now, looking at other options but actually not bothered by it. Doesn't effect my vision justs only sticking 3/4" above the winscreen seal more than some stupid SatNav thing or a dash mirror etc...Yes of course it clears the screen!
So thats done. Only thing I should have possibly done different, however that would involve some hefty mods to the pedal arrangement...
Pipe work inside the bellhousing is done. I cleaned the bellhousing with metal cleaner also :) Thats all finished off.

Bleed and Feed on the outside.
Did make a cover for the hole from some alloy, just need to fix it on...It was meant to a cable clutch or a lever arm with a slave outside, but they suck if you ask me...The Burton concentric thing is far better!

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