Saturday, February 05, 2005


Actually considering a superlight flywheel and building my selection of gear box parts back into O/D form...power sap was annoying large last time, but the overall ease of high speed was great.

You see my main problem with the car is when its gonna blow up when you give it 6700rpm in top gear, its pretty cool, but its very intense...I want to take the car to Nurburgring, which has tight sections, but also many section where I would be at 7000rpm in top if setup for it, and over 6000 in alot of places...Having to drive the car there and back etc I don't want it to bust a gut there.

So, I think a trade off has to be made....I could use O/D then I could hit 120mph @ 6000 if possible, this is far better, the car may see this figure in one section downhill where most cars reach their terminal velocity. Remember it will be light, it will have air dam, fared headlights, no wing mirrors it should cut the air far better than standard...

I found another 3-4mph top end when I added a solid grille plate, with only a 9" by 3" slot to let air to the radiator, much less drag as the engine bay pressurises. I used to have catches that came open when you cornered really hard, the bonnet side that was open would then rise up on a wave of air, you'd be doing 80 go over a rise and the bonnet would lift 6inches off the bulkhead...thats some air pressure!

With this plate you can have both catches open and it doesn't move not even at motorway speed.

Wing Mirrors of the size on a modern car are meant to sap 1 mph per each...The headlight angles on a standard spit will probably reduce the top end by a noticable degree, the flared bonnet is much better idea.

Trade off's, Trade off's....hopefully lightening the flywheel more would counter some of the O/D load. Last time the car was good, but just lost about 10hp and went off the boil...hopefully after doing all this having a full rolling road jobbie will find the performance back, I know I have something saved there.

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