Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Well Well

Been a break in Blogging.

I buy and sell Dellorto carburetors, brought many last week, spent all day everyday sorting them all out, stashing them for future? Still not done as I need some parts!

I said to myself I was gonna have a few days on the car this week. Today I did a few things. Although it took me rather longer than expected to extract a tiny stuck screw on a set of carbs. 2hrs...it was delicate work as one slip and the carb would be, at least in my eyes, toast!

Anyway cut out my polycarbonate or was it acrylic? windows...weighed the old window and runner at 4.1kilos...my new windows bare are 1050grams, plus 250grams in fittings for the pop out windows, 1300grams, the window fixing brace system weights - I can't remember! said before...about 900grams so the entire window system weights 2100grams per side...the old fixed system was 500-600grams for each vertical channel + 4.1kilos for the window....5.3kilos....new system is a much lighter....

So another 6.4kilos saved! Also about 600grams? for the door panel I will cut out...so 7.6kilos....another 2.4kilos needed for an effective HP. Good thing is thats 6.4kilos of virtually pure - top mass.

Just need to order some special flexy adhesive to bond in these braces and get it all jigged up.

All thats left to do is clean up the bottom braces and prime and paint the upper part. Trial fit and build, bond in the bottom braces, set the angle and fit of the window on the upper swivelling brace...then drill the angle fixing holes on the braces, bolt it up, check the door closed ok etc.... Then a couple of holes to drill for the tiny brackets that will fix the window to the upper braces at the top....thats the thing assembled...

Then it needs to be taken apart, grind out the remains of the door panel on the inside, paint the inside of the door white to match the car, paint the bonded in braces etc...

Then once the top braces and window are together I can make the pop out windows using the braces as bolt points etc...

Hopefuly fingers crossed this will be the dogs nads. If they bow out at speed to any degree I may not be held responsible for my actions.

I think the cockpit is pressuring at speed also, which isn't helping, the ammout of air that comes through the empty heater box hole is like a turbo fan at 80mph! Was gonna make a funnel affair that bolts to this empty hole and has two pipes and two old round mini bubble air vents in the end, you can then have a spitty with cold air vents, theres loads of air coming through there at speed!

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