Saturday, February 05, 2005

Today - Webers, gears, hmmm

Tried the car with the 32 chokes, yes it revs more freely as expected, like before. Cruises sweety on a small throttle at 5000rpm, sounds a touch less strained, rev's nicely to 6700 before becoming a bit noisey and strained, think I need some small air correctors as its not quite as quick as I think it should be, and it has than touch lean feel, overly smooth think they are 160 atm...155 as Josh uses maybe better or maybe even 150 using a 125main, don't think it needs a bigger main it feels bang on from 2750-4500. On the DCOM it would spin to 6900 ok - jetted right. It has lost some of the ride on power in 4th it had, as the torque and power peak a bit later now, need to work it, jetting isn't 100%, saying that I did pull out to overtake 1 car on two occasions today, used 3rd and took it a good 6750 and ended up taking 4 I guess its ok 8-)

Car really needs overdrive or a longer diff, its a bind on open road, its awesome on a twisty backroad, but I am at 5000rpm in 4th doing 80mph...and 96mph @ 6000. I think after saving more weight I maybe able to pull a 3.63 if I reuse 30 chokes in the carbs and gear the thing up for torque. I can then do 109mph @ 6000rpm in top. At the moment the car is good but you can rip to 6000 in top and then you have rev the bollucks off it to go 100, its at its peak but inorder for the engine to make the car go faster you really have to beat it up...I think as the car has great power at 5250-6250, that you will be able to use the car better using a longer diff and see 110 more often.

I once got the car with a D-Type overdrive to 5750 in O/D top, using 155/80 /13 tyres this calculates to 118mph, it was fast, downhill, hood down chasing some guy in a porsche late at night on some motorway! I even had increased the tyre pressure 5psi for the motorway journe so speed records were in ideal conditions! I doubt I have got the car past 110 more than a few times since I ditched the O/D, when I have got it round to 6700 in straight top with no O/D. I am not after the best 0-60 I want the most useable flexible solution A-B. the car rips off 2nd and 3rd gear like there is no tommorow as it loose a bit of that to gain more outright speed. 2nd gear will be epic on a 3.63, if 3rd went another 1000rpm atm it would be all good also.

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