Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today - Carbs

I removed my 42.5mm trumpets and swapped em with Josh Bowler for some wider radius 35mm ones...Changed the DCOE chokes to 32mm as its lacking some go over 6100. The shorter trumpets should have a tiny effect on top end pickup, lacking it more punchy...tiny amount though 8-)

Just need to fit some 120 or 125mains to suit...

Heres a piccie of my Triple 3 hole DHLA 40's, rare item, they are very old, little used and just waiting for a linkage and rebuild kits. They are basic with no airbleeders. They have 33 chokes in. They are full cream Dellortos!

I intend to take the car to Peter Baldwin at Wimpole for tuning as he is the man and I want to be able to thrash it senseless for long periods at WOT knowing its not gonna bust a gut...

I have been just driving the thing recently, it hasn't had new plugs in 7months looked at them the other day and the tips are well rounded from mileage, the dissy cap is ages old, so is the rotor arm, but it runs sweetly still, it gets regular oil and fluids....Car does about 200 miles per week I guess, its well used and *touch wood* never lets me down really, or never leaves me at the road side.

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