Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Office

Empty, noisey, cold, drafty, all issues to think about...

Interior will remain stripped but will gain some comfort, I have interesting perspex windows in the pipeline that will not bow out at speed causing drafts and noise....these attach to the doors via alloy braces that glue to the doorskin. These enables me to fix the windows and cut out the inner skin from the doors...leaving a clean macau spitty look...details to follow!

I will fit 2 (booo), maybe two, FIA seats and 4 points. The Corbeau Sprint Pro is about the most narrow seat about and saves a few kilos over the standard one, so this will do. Modern but I want to be welded to the car when we start trackdaying and Nurburgring'ing with proper protection.

The car has a FIA cage, 6 point with bendy door bars...this added huge stiffness (ohh'er) - to the car, and really sharpened it up...Just need to fit the pass side door bar and cut the door...the bars go right out to the outer skins, hense the idea to chop out the inner skin.

Will need to use wide seals now or add furry seal strip to the 1cm remains of the inner skin as the standard door seal needs the 3mm of trim panel to seal against the door properly...its windy atm this is a road car also, my daily driver 8-)

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