Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Heres my new found love.

Spitty will go here when its done.

Here is me in a rental Smart Roadster....48hr trip, did 25laps, thats 12.5laps per afternoon, thats 13miles per lap! Each lap driven properly...Car had great handling, crap gearbox, good brakes, has a tendancy to try and throw you off the road when it downchanges on its own. I had the thing on a full turn of opposite lock one time coming over the rise into Eschbach, we were on it and it was fine, but when it changed down to 2nd, I was right on the limit, the rear wheels locked breifly before it changed back up 8-) I turned had PMS and TC - ABS etc off 8-) it was a strange car. This was its first incident and showed the gearbox system was far from infalable...never quite felt 100% harmony with it as I couldn't modulate the power delivery as it was semi-auto...this made the car feel like the engine was attached to the wheels via a rubber band....not my thing, but good fun, lacked ultimate feel, compared to the spit it was like a jelly....

That said it was the best fun rental yet. I clocked a BTG of 10mins. Which for a 68HP? car is damn fast so I am told! Although I know I am vasty superior compared to the average mortal in terms of talent and testicular diamension.

So far I rented a Megane DCI 120 in Sept 03 which had crap brakes, massive tyres, grip, very stable with 6 gears, this had potential to be the fastest and would do a 9:30 imo. It was DCI but with 6 gears, no lag - it flew for 120HP 4 seats, I had a registered 210kph to Schwedenkrauz not too bad for a brick, did 8laps - my first trip, 1 afternoon.

Had done around 2000+laps simulated in Grand Prix Legends when I was the UK fastest driver for 3 years in online racing leagues, track knowledge was perfect but it still took about 1lap before I felt at home there 8-)

Rented an Opel Astra Estate in April 04 and did 40laps *840kms - 500road miles - or £380UK pounds, worth every penny!!! in 3 days with this, it was crap, slow, understeered, rattled, had awful brakes I beat it senseless and returned it to Hetrz with pride, as I had specified a Focus DCI. I had a ball in it, even though it was terrible car, this is Nurburgring, you can have fun in anything!

Why do club racing, I can rent a rental go to the ring for 3 days and do 10seasons worth of mileage in 2days without lifting a spanner, while driving the greatest track of all at unlimited speed.

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