Friday, February 18, 2005

Today - Success

Well Well, as usual it worked out well 8-)

Fixed up the window system on the pass side. Yet to be glued in but its solid. I did 100mph today and the window didn't so much as move. Moved my hand around the window and felt no draft, bar the one from the range of holes in the seals...

I now need about 6metres of doorseal to redo the entire lot. As it the seals are setup for softtop and have gaps and joins, needs to be a complete seal all around the door, hardtop and window. This will stop the annoying leak when you do 80mph in the rain, the water pools on the window held by the wind, runs backwards and down and pisses in by the B-Post cap. Also need new hardtop to windscreen seal, and the inner one on the hardtop. Need Need Need.

Heres a piccy.

Yet to make the pop out windows, few things to change this was first fitment.

I note the door closes with firm clunk, feels like it weights nothing, pops open nicely. There is a lack of rattling etc over bumps, feels solid - cause it is!

Refitted DCOM carbs, I love the 5 holes, just couldn't help myself...fitted 32 chokes and reverse firing jets to them. Noticed also I have been without full throttle for a week 8-) can't say I'd noticed actually.

Just better remember to balance them as it was about 11.30 when I finished and my neighbour might get pissed off, must change my exhaust, its a micron motorbike race can, stamped "NOT FOR ROAD USE" its bloody loud, low and boomy...Was ok buts oiled up now and got superloud.

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