Friday, July 14, 2006

Back on the road!

Had some issues with the brakes on my new master cylinder being a bigger bore seemed to operate the rears harder than before, brakes were completely useless on my first drive as the rears were locking out before the fronts came on, they were red hot, maybe to do with my small bore cylinder experiment! Stopped in a layby and backed the adjusters off to 4clicks off locked...Usually I ran two of locked or tight, is this some odd way of setting the bias?! I'll be glad to put discs on and an bias valve. Brakes now ok, one caliper still works better than the other, pass side locks first, always been that way....Have to ditch them too at some point.

The rod-end radius arms really tighened the back up- but they are a little noisey and clunky, not too bad however, acceptable, very smooth on flat good surface road. I gave it some boot round some corners and it feels a bit better, the rear is moving less bar in transition from coast to power mid corner where I got some serious opposite lock in slow corners... but I suspect its now toe-ing in too much as the lower you go the more inclinded the radius arms become, they were flat they are now inclined to the shorter, so inducing more toe-in...Needs tracking now...I might lower the front a touch but its VERY low!

The car is SERIOUSLY low at the back, the exhaust needs raising and sorting now cause it drags on the ground quite alot...its a pants setup anyway I cobbled it up for about £15.

I will be off to get it tuned next week I think I am bored of fiddling with it I'll buy 3hrs with Peter Baldwin provided he is confident with my ignition system, I can do no more! Needs some front tyres, tracking and a few small jobs...

Wax that arse! After a weeks tickering and some wet drives it was all dirty and mucky so it got a wash and wax...I must be softening up in my old age! Its a GT now!


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