Friday, July 28, 2006

Ciao Ferrari

Owner just picked up his Ferrari. The car is "transformed" he said "like a new car". Always good to do the best job you can. Went for a test run after completing the work and the car drives like a baby, so clean and crisp, 1000rpm in 5th gear where before is a was a pulsing, juddering mess and bogged under hard acceleration, spat and misses and had horrendous cornering fuel surge.

Pleasing! Took me about 2hrs to synchronise the carbs to near pefection. Started on each carb and set the airflow between barrells, then set the airflow between each carb in the front and rear pairs. Then set the balance between all 4 on the idle stops. Then used bricks to prop the throttle open so it ran at 1500rpm and set the all important off idle sync on the balance rods.

Final stage was to bolt the trumpets, airbox and feed pipe back on and set the idle mixture screws for a comphremise between idle and off idle, to cut out some very small spitbacks that were happening on two carbs...

Jobs a gooden. I guess he will now have his 10mpg loss back and the car has about twice the low end power.

Must say the DCNF is a very easy carb to work with.

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