Sunday, July 16, 2006

BMW harrassment

My car will hold onto a BMW E36 325i all the way to 5700 in 5th gear from 50mph without maxing out the revs or throttle position fully, ran out of clear road at this point....

It might have gained a bit had I not changed to 5th at 6500 in 4th and gone to 7K instead then slotted 5th. Kind of useless stats but must have annoyed the BMW driver to see a car on an 67 E plate suck at a sensible distance from his bumper all the way on a road without any corners...Problem driving a car like mine on the road, everyone wants to harrass you. I was potting along and he had to ovetake me!

I was pottering about yesterday and some Mercedes had to try it on but he couldn't hold me at all, corner or straight bits. Was funny watching the thing leaning onto the wheelarches round a few cars just going round without a wimper!

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