Friday, July 21, 2006

Cv driveshafts - Uprights, Stuff.

Finally got James's uprights done. Sorry James!

I can now offer a service on these for the CV drivehaft conversion, also I will have some excess spacer plates for the drivehafts. You supply me with uprights -£80 for each upright and £70 for the spacers...You then just need 2x 340 volvo lobro joints, 1 driveshaft has two of the same joints on the volvo add to this two short side Rover 100 Drivehafts with outer CV joints, job done you have CV joints.

Email to discuss.

I was meant to be letting the machine shop do the upright machining but due to some unforseen problems I ended up doing them myself today as James was getting a little pissed, and I was getting a little pissed off being hassled!!! I had to quickly get used to the flavour of the 1950's lathe and minor backlash in the movement, but I got the job done.

Slightly different to Josh's as James didn't want to use a spacer between the hub and drum, so I moved the bearing out a few mm and set them to require no spacer, its a bolt together job with the MGF hub. I would advise using the spacer with the alloy versions but the steel should be fine like this.

The only part of my air fuel ratio meter to arrive so far...A Lambda sensor...

Went for a spin in the spit this evening as its running rather well, it seems to have loosed up fully...its using a tiny bit of oil now but still no leaks.

Loads of TR's about due to the Malvern thing I did pass by there, they don't wave at modified Spits though.

I was forced to overtake a TR6 driven by a youngish bloke -he booted it when he saw me arrive behind him just before a big hill, the one in my steephill video....

I knew he booted it as the PI system blew out black smoke and I could hear the exhaust note change . Lucky I had it pegged at 5000 in 2nd ! I soared past it 2nd exiting a corner before the hill starts, hehe, 7800 rpm then into 3rd, not long after I was at 7600 in 3rd and he was about 70metres behind, we had only covered about 200metres. Then we came to the first corner in my video, I wacked it into 2nd and drifted round, 7700 in 2nd, then into 3rd and I reached about 7000 in 3rd before the top corner (3years ago my car would only pull 5500 on a 4.11 up here...), up this hill, its VERY steep - before the corner where I met the red renault in my video...At this point the TR6 was nowhere to be seen hehe.....Cars ALOT faster up there than it used to be, pulls like a train on the 3.89! Love me tracked and setup alignment!! its a joy!

Fiddled with a couple of jets and ended up back where i was...nice evening for a point and squirt.

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