Thursday, July 20, 2006

Most Funky Alignment!!!

Got it aligned today and camber set.

Forget those laser things this machine was the dogs nads! check out your local centre with one of these machines.

I kept expecting it to say something like "take me to your leader" "I am a darlik" etc.

You attach 4 giant things with loads of reflectors on to each wheel, like satalite dishes, the machine sits infront of the car, all computer operated and takes a centre line then works out each wheels location, castor (by moving the wheels round at the front), camber and toe.

I started with my wheels in all sorts of directions according to the centreline - those laser things that are abpout £2000 don't do centrelining. At the front I had 3.3deg of negative camber on the one side and 2.2 on the other....I worked with the guy doing it and set the camber to 2.5deg negative on both front wheels. The rear camber is 6degrees of negative! Seems to work though it corners brilliantly with my new low setup. Rear tracking was toeing in too much at 1.5mm per wheel and we adjusted it to 0.5mm of shared toe or 0.25mm on each wheel. This will make it understeer less and the rear less inclined to just follow the front, it'll be sharp mid corner.

The castor is different on both front wheels but thats a job for another day, 2.8 on one and 3.5 on the other I think...

Cost £45 and the cars feels better for it, corners with more poise and balance I think, very unfussed, drives in a perfectly straight line and is less fussy over bumps in terms of it steering itself.

It cost me £40 for some crappy laser thing before.

The machine is ace, it fires a flashing laser from the frontal unit at the 4 dishes and constantly updates every second...

So I have barely any toe in at the rear (0.25mm per wheel) and I got them to set the front with no toe in or out. Need some new front tyres now, 185/55/14 RE720 Bridgestones, they are VERY good tyres and I haven't got anywhere near the 2nd super soft compound yet.

Was funny looking at the image of my chassis the rear wheels looked like they had collapsed, the bloke said it had been squashed!

Machine was £25,000 or something, took about 40minutes on and off.

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