Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Sprint and Continental preparations.

Decided to have a relaxing day fiddling. I cannot do anymore to ensure a reliable Ring trip than service everything! the suspension was rebuilt only 3000miles ago, but I like regular services thesedays, saves hassle!

I greased all my nipples, more than two of them! I have nice OE trackrod-ends with nips too. Greased the rack, wheel bearings, UJ's, oiled my trunnions. I will re-pack and check the front wheel bearings before the trip.

Fitted the rear trim strips to the wings, a weight adding vanity thing. Will add a 2o00 stick on TRIUMPH badge on the back, so people atleast know its a triumph! Also added an innocetti Mini GT badge I had...So my car is now a Triumph GT!

Bar rolling road session on the ignition and a tracking session there's not alot left to do, bar door seals and hardtop fitting and sorting any watery leaks.

No doubt something will break before we go 8-) The car is quite highly strung thesedays and indevelopment really, probably less durable than it was in the past, but then bar silly issues like the flywheel its been dead reliable bar fitting duff diffs.

Need to buy some good pads and some decent rear shoes, door seal and make a couple of brackets, one for EWP pump and 1 for the MJL unit I might do this later. Might make another front spolier but we will see about that.

Still pondering what spares to take...not alot to the car really...a front and rear wheel bearing, as Ring Racing is open weekends so pressing is no problem, UJ, flange, some wiring stuff, fuses, diff oil, engine oil, spare wheel! yuck heavy!! tyre weld is all I take atm. I will run Castrol RS 10-16 for the trip, also you can buy this at the Ed Station by the Ring for top-ups...Maximum security.

Then its back on with the Jag!

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