Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bigger problem!

Got the cap off, the retainer grooves on the valve are manged up bad, valves toast. Would have dropped in the next few hundred miles or sooner maybe. Just remembering today I overtook a few things at 7500rpm...lucky...!

Should have replaced the collets when I noted they had cracked a while back. Thought it would be ok being triple grooved ford fiesta items.

The old valve's had numerous cracked retainers when I popped them off...but they'd never wriggled out.

Story is I found the two pieces of collet on the magnetic sump plug the night before we left for the Ring....I didn't have time to fix it so just crossed my fingers assuming two of the 3 collect rings would be fine...

Head about to come off, actually found a spare valve from my previous build I can clean up and reface tomorrow...Just need a payen head gasket and a manifold gasket....

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