Sunday, January 07, 2007

Arranging things

Another afternoon messing around with it.

Some good fortune with the ignition leads I was using before they seem to fit fine on the K plugs and such like. They are from a Ford CVH engined Escort injection 1990>on.

The coil pack sits neatly on the bulkhead and its lucky it all fits cause I can't fit the coil pack anywhere else close by withut longer leads. It looks very tidy anyway.

Best of all no rewiring needed!

I had hoped to get the engine back on the bulkhead more about an inch further back but this is the best location as to get it 1 inch further back needs serious mods to the handbrake area and mini crossmember under the prop.
Trial fitted some carbs, adjusted the levers and Magard linkage so it suits the spacing change, actually a bitch of a job as usual, cause the adjustment screw on the centre levers always hits the rod-end rod. Also had to take a small nick from the manifold as the levers were beaching on it at the back. Manifold spacing is very close, you can't run K&N backplates as they clash. I think my best option is to buy a thin'ish Pipercross 1 piece element and make my bulkhead to suit, I can make my own backplate for the Pipercross unit, I have a real knackered one here to rob the captive nuts off.

Shows where the carbs end up. Manifold needs some porting and also brass takeoffs adding for the MJL.

Overview from the front.

I want this install to have the same flavour as my 1300...Totally minimal and very neat.

Coming on. I am getting back into it. Its new year! Be summer soon!

I must admit after the amount of mods, repairs, fiddling I did last year I was hoping for the winter to just consist of swapping my head back to triumph valves, doing some lightening and nothing too hardcore. Its taken a while to get motivated to fiddle with it...

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