Sunday, January 21, 2007

Making problems for yourself.

Found these going pretty cheap on ebay. They are for 45 carbs I am led to believe, 90mm long and WELL big. They are just like ones often seen on the most potent Ks running throttle bodies.

I really want to get them to fit :) This leads to some serious issues with the clutch pedal system. I am currently pondering my options, there is no rush to resolve anything yet.

I could possibly find just enough room if I remove the spacing between the master cylinder's , basically moving the clutch master cylinder over and then bending/extending the clutch pedal over to its normal location... butting the pedal systems right up together.

This would mean removing the bolting faces from the insides of each pedal housing and even more material, welding the pedal housings together to make a 1 piece unit. This unit will have the mastercylinders as close as possible on the bulkhead...I can weld the brackets together also.

I can also make both pedals work on the same pin with a small nylon spacer between them so meaning I can get them very close together.

I can remove the bulkhead brace panel from between the master cylinders and add it back on the clutch side, this panel can then form the top end plate for the bulkhead recess.

I can I think if I am cunning find another 3/4". Each pedal boxes bolt to the bulkhead by two bolts on the lower bulkhead section (vertical) and 6 bolts on the actual flat surface the master cylinder brackets bolt to.

The pedal boxes obviously have a protruding flange each side with 3 holes and captive nuts to bolt to the lot to bulkhead...By hacking the outer flange on the carb clutch side away, I can make my bulkhead 3/4" further outward towards the master cylinder...

I can weld some captive nuts to the vertical plane of the outer end of the pedal box, replacing the ones on the cut off flat section, the aim is to bolt the inner side of the pedal box to the vertical section, section I will build below the rehoused brace plate....So saving the thickness of the original mounting area...

I will need measure this lot up :)

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