Friday, January 05, 2007

Doesn't making titles get tiring?

Isn't working with steel fun, not!

Took me most of the afternoon to make two plates for the engine.

Hardwork! Arms like popeye.

Need to make the bridges to the suspension turret next.

Steels a bit heavy but its reliable!

Also had another look at the alternator, it will go on using the other boss/mount point on its body. It actually lines up perfectly with the bottom pulley, leaving 2-3mm between the belt and the cambelt cover. As the pulley has 5 small grooves for a flat belt I will need to machine it for a single groove belt.

The groove will go as far forward on the pulley as possible and cannot go too deep into the pulley as I need to have material left to bolt on the trigger wheel for the ignition system.

This other mount on the alternator isn't as strong as the proper one but I think it'll be ok. I can make a stronger 3 dimensional top mount/adjustment system that is rigid, probably some alloy thing, that should make the loads on the alternator even out. You'll see.

Best pickup the pace a bit soon!

I think it'll look a nice neat install. Exhaust is going to keep passengers feet nice and warm :)

Ordered a tube of "adheseal", that might assist in starting on the fixed part of the gearbox tunnel. Yes it'll be mainly bonded in, made from alloy. Good stuff for panelwork this adheseal sticks with such grab and its flexible, only downside it takes 24hrs to go off. I will make the rear part of the tunnel removable as per normal, but maybe 50% will be attached to the body.

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