Thursday, January 11, 2007

Further progress

Made some small extensions ready to be welded to the suspension turrets, for the engine mounts rubbers to sit . Made the steel pins for the end of the mounts. Once my mount rubbers arrive I can get the lot cleaned up and welded.

I got a 5 .75" inch trigger wheel ready to fit on the pulley. It will need opening out to 95mm I/D.

Should have some alloy pipe sections arriving shortly. These will make a 1 piece water rail in alloy. This goes over the exhaust manifold from the back of the head. The swirl pot will have a mount plate welded on and it'll mount on the cam over. The water pipe on the drivers side will bolt to the engine mount.

I'd hope by the end of the month to have a fully mounted engine with ignition system, water system, electric system. Leaving bulkhead, exhaust, cams, propshaft...There are numerous other small jobs.

Lot of loose ends to tie up. I can't remove the engine again to play with the clutch or mod the rear gearbox extension, make the rear mount till the engine mounts are made, as the engine is perched in place, exactly as I want it!

I also need to check the existing timing marks for TDC and make new ones if needed? I needed a 16mm plug spanner which I didn't have to remove the spark plug.

Its coming on.

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