Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pedal mods

Started on remaking the pedal boxes.

Two flanges cut off, boxes butted together. The boxes will then be "boxed" up to the middle outer bolt holes...So to stiffen the whole thing. There will a range of other adaptions.

Will be seam welded together at the top. The pedals will need final bending adjustment once trial fitting has taken place.

You can see I have bent the clutch pedal, the brake pedal was already bent from previous fiddling.

I will make a new master cylinder bracket, 1 piece and add alot of strengthening, also some "tangs"or extensions on the bottom at the back, these tangs will have a nut welded on them I can then bolt the master cylinder bracket to the added box section on the lower pedal box, with bolts from through from the footwell, access impossible from above. These tangs will stop any bending or deflection in the backsurface of the bracket.

In the image above the right hand area where the master cylinder bracket and the pedal box meet and are bolted together will be removed, as there is not room for a horizontal area sticking out 15mm...This inner side of the pedal box and bracket will bolt to the new vertical section of bulkhead via 5 capitive nuts, 3 on box, 2 on bracket.

This new bulkhead section will have a brace that matches the current bulkhead brace which sits between each master cylinder, just now it will be sit on the inner side and run down about 105mm to make a new bulkhead area.

Pretty simple. This gives me 48mm between the trumpet and the new vertical area of bulkhead for filter which is just enough for what i have in mind...Minus 10mm for clearance and engine vibration allowance and 15mm for filter depth thats 23mm between the foam and the trumpet, you can basically run ITG filters on the trumpet ends as they are nearly totally free flowing. So thats fine.

Poached this off Bowler does Revs, Shiftlight, Speedo, Mileage, Trip, 0-60 timer, totally adjustable acceleration timer and it cooks your dinner too. So that solves MOT speedo thing and gives a totally accurate digital speedo..Sorted.

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