Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Check out my Trumpets :)

Check these suckers out :)

Never seen ones as big as this before!

Getting an air filter on will be fun. Atleast now if I make the bulkhead suitable for these + slim ITG panel filter I can run just about any trumpet / filter or throttle body combo in the future....
The cones and base flanges are not made together, they are two piece, so can possibly press the cones out of the flanges...Make a custom alloy ITG backplate to fit the filter, this plate would slide over the cones and be welded to them, about 1inch from the open end. Due to the increasing radius and such it would be a very neat and easy job.
I can then refit the flanges and get some weld tacks on them.
Then can get a shallow foam ITG filter which just covers the open ends of the trumpets with 1 inch air space behind the openings/ends. You can run these panel filters really close to the trumpet openings. You need only 20mm or so..The filter element is 15mm think...So I need another 40ish mm beyond the end of the trumpets is needed on the bulkhead mod.
Still pondering the clutch pedal options... :)
Extra work but worth it I think in the longer term.
Need to shave a few mm from the two centre trumpets as they will clash, so close is the manifold spacing.


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