Friday, January 19, 2007

Water works

Found some alloy tube with swaged ends to start finishing the plumbing.
No huge progress.

Few details below. Need to borrow a K-Series head from the engineering shop to make the water rail for the other side. Aim to get a wad of stuff ready for welding and get this bloke I know round to Tig it. Then its onto the ignition triggering.

That's basically the deal on oneside. Pump just dangles its pretty solid.
This little bracket will be welded to the tube this obviously holds the water rail in location.

Radiator fan sensor in background this always goes on the inlet side of the water system, I like this best, as it on the outlet it gives a false reading. On the inlet side it measures when the radiator is needing assistance. The black thing is stock thermostat housing I think I will modify this eventually but for now it will do for eyeing it up and testing. The open outlet is the standard bypass circuit inlet this will need blocking. I would like to knock out this whole housing and weld an alloy tube to the block but that can be done before the engine goes in finally, need the engine out for that. Its only weakness is at the redline, which is a funny rubber seal joint I don't like the look of.

Hardly an assault on it :)

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