Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bit of spitty work

Spent the evening adjusting this horrible manifold I got on ebay. Its nicely made, just badly finished and the holes were too small/off centre...

I will need to port the other end too the holes are not round, a little small, not too bad, just there is a some material to remove they need opening out behind the gasket face slightly on the lower portion...Quick job, alloy is horrid to work with, bits foul up constantly.

Here are the carbs, bit pissed off actually. Cause the guy robbed some parts from them, levers, fuel unions, I brought them from an image and they arrive missing some pieces shown in images, so I am awaiting his reply and how he intends to resolve it.

If he fails me I will claim by money back from paypal/credit card and repay him the amount minus the cost of the missing parts. Also they are not a truely matched set, they are perfectly matched in respect of progression hole location and production and anything important, but one has powerjets and one doesn't. No biggy wasn't expecting powerjets anyway? You simply fit blanking screws in the powerjet model remove the meter tubes and run them as normal carb...I see no reason they won't work perfectly well together having measured them up.

No bother to me anyway if there is any issue with low end running I'll flog them as singles for Turbo Mini's etc etc.

I will use alloy Lotus Spec Anti Reversion mount plates with individual rubber o-rings, this enabled me to port the mount plates and manifold rather than messing the manifold alone. Also I seem to have about 50 O-rings for these so why not.
The Lotus plates have a funny lip on the back that runs inside the opening on the manifold to stop stand off and reverse pulses, not interested in that function so I ground them flat, the reversion bit didn't fit in this manifold anyway. Now the carbs, plates and manifold blend perfectly into eachother. Shame I didn't take a pic before I did it, horrible!

Of course, each plate is now numbered with a centrepunch and marks made on the manifold too :) As each plate is related only to the bore is was cut for.Above is a classic misab plate which is a 45mm version, fit is horrible huh? The rubber ring I/D is all over the place. This shows why I used the lotus plates and they taper into the manifold port opening so I could leave the taper in some areas and remove it in others to a decent circle and get the I/D of the Lotus plates and carb and manifold to match, taper into eachother.
Job done. Once I quickly fettle the other end I can bolt it all together and stick the induction system to one side, nice to detail things properly first, as you're always inclined to throw it all together when in a rush at a later stage!

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