Monday, February 05, 2007


Won my manifold.

Gonna be fun fitting this silencer down the side!

I think ideally a 125mm diameter silencer will be the maximum ...this is quite compact and the silencer will not protrude excessively below the bottom seam and be anywhere near danger from tarmac exposure while still missing the door opening. Damn passengers! :) Could always raise the silencer on my planned mount system.

Body roll accounts for a bit of loss. So at the worst case the silencer will skim 2inches above the tarmac with my megalow suspension, while bumped down in a corner, usually it'll have about 4inches driving along.

The old silencer was 2" bore 100mm x 125mm oval and 410mm long with unknown amount of baffling left gave 104db on the 1300. This gave 101db with an extra 17cm of unknown silencer added on, then a few inches of packed and perforated end pipe gave 100db.

I was kind of hoping a 2.5" bore silencer of 125mm diameter and 90cm long would do the trick for trackdays...Allowing for it being newly filled with baffling, repackable and twice the length of the old one... It'll be a close call I think.

Who knows.

Either way its gonna be hard, I can't run any thing that big on the back of the car cause even with the 100mm deep silencer I had before it almost worn a hole through it at the Ring from grounding out. There were dents where it has been pushed into the bootfloor! thats with only a 100mm depth!

To get a 125mm silencer on the back of the car and the same size as I can use on the sill it would have to protude out the back around 70cm :) Can't use mid silencers without raising the ride height, I wanted to lower the front! I didn't want a main pipe dragging on the floor under the gearbox aswell or by the diff...

Either way a tasteful 100db exhaust system was gonna be a pain the arse.

The ticket for Westfields etc appears to be a 2.5" bore of 6inch diameter and 620mm long, can't do 6inch diameter. So I hope with a 5" diameter and 90cm long it should be ok. Anyone?!

I cannot believe I have to spend ages messing and thinking about how to surpress noise on a race track, its bizarre!

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