Thursday, February 08, 2007

Exhausted Exhaust

Made a few inroads.

Picked up a new micron can which was a 6th of its retail price!

It has a 2.5inch inlet its only 4.5inches in diameter, so a little less than I could use (5"), as pondered in last post.

Also found a spare cannister tube of the same size on ebay! Great when it works out eh?! I assume they are the same size, being as most round Microns are 4 or 4.5inch diameter...Having asked the sellers both measurements within 1mm so looks good.

Should be able to strip the new one into parts. Get the two main cannister tubes (outer bodies) welded into 1 item...which will be about 850mm long. these folks sell 2.5" perforated baffle pipe. I can remove the baffle pipe in the new silencer, replace with a length twice as long. I can basically make a silencer twice as long that retains the standard repacking and assembly system.

The new Micron cans dont use annoying pop rivets to secure the end plates to the cannister tube, but have nice seals and a 4 bolt system, which means you don't have to destroy the can trying to repack it after a few years!

Should work, how noisey don't know! 304 stainless throughout.

If that works out I just need two bends and a straight bit.

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