Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Throw yourself into the road scrubber.

Well still nowt done on the Spit.

Spent today scrubbing up a new set of carbs for Andy Vowell.

His old set below was ok bar the venturi's were all loose and had munched the vents and cases. Uneconomical repair, so wrote them off. They were pretty foul, not Vowell anyway, pump rod was busted and bodged, few worn parts, gritty bearings, etc.

Being as he said the car bogged on full throttle, the jetting was really bizarre (maybe due to the leaking and loose vents) and the pump system was non function, the needle valves were shot I hope he goes atleast 2seconds per lap now :) I will probably go Mallory and have poke with his car, as he was so kind to save me from a bum day at Combe its the least I can do.

Old ones above thats after a degrease and inspection!
Lucky I have about 25sets of ones the same. So he gets some pearly body ones in replacement. Here they are awaiting some OE Dellorto rebuild kits and viton valves. This after they had been degreased, sonic washed, oven dried, WD40'ed and there isn't piece of dirt left anywhere. Only muppets bead blast, acid dip or abuse carbs. I used my tried and tested chemical wash technique on each part. 1 process for alloy, 1 process for brass, 1 process for steel with CAD plating. Using only mild chemicals there is ZERO erosion of the parts, damage etc. Its the only way to sort carbs...Bead blasting, acid dipping is plain lame and lazy and bums all carbs.

I got both my Micron pipes but sadly one is stainless and seamed and one is alloy tube, so I will hunt for another case in stainless to suit the complete silencer, nowt stopping my using the complete stainless one...

Few interesting K parts on ebay, which I need, hopefully I can grab those and save a packet.

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