Monday, February 19, 2007

Time Consumption!

Gonna be a few late nights soon.
Need to get the black thing away in the next 6-8weeks really?! I guess 300 and a bit hours left in it plus any revisions, its had 48hrs in the last 5days.. Should be a 24/7 push to the end.
Its spring, time to head into overdrive and place foot firmly on the floor. I need to hit the turbo soon and get do both Jag and Spit at once. Another year of half missed summer spitty fun?!

Interior is trimmed in grey leather and will be fitted last after its all working, headlining also leather.

Coming together been giving the wiring a good work over last two days and fitting the bulkhead gear. Car was good mechanically but it was a USA car, then RHD when it came back to UK with its owner, now its going back to LHD and down to Italy.

So you can imagine during the previous 50years its recieved it fair share of odd mods, bodges, dodges and most stuff was pretty crap and looked a mess so I am starting from stratch and undoing years of abuse!

Its a long job rerouting everything, plumbing, piping, sorting out LHD drive parts, wiring is interesting not bad enough to reloom but needs work.

Most parts in place, need to rig up a pukka throttle linkage as it looks like the parts are lost, or some off. Its alot nicer to build than take apart.
The red wire is a nasty extension lark, this all has to come out and plenty of soldering and shink wrapping to do on the other side...Yes the prat snipped the wires about 3inches behind the clocks added extensions between pieces of the old loom rather than just extending the cables across by simply adding spade connectors than slide into the spades already there...So it'll take me a while. If he just fed the wires 1 by one with extensions without cutting the ends off it would be easily converted back?

Just a few pics below of how nasty is was! Yuck! I must have swept up a big liner full of dust rusty cack taking it apart.

Be nice to do a Triumph soon :) For someone who appreciates top class work!

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