Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Small jobs.

Just been getting as much welding odd and sods ready, should have someone who can weld nicely popping round next week.

Made final adjustments and cleaned up the front mounts, box sections ready for welding.

It'll be on the other side but you get the idea, twice the length though. Losses about 3/4" ground clearance so should be ok, provided its butted right up to the door. Mounting will be interesting but no bother I guess. The engine mounts are very stiff, much stiffer than triumph ones, I cannot see the engine rocking much, so should be able to butt it right up to the sill.

Nice door gaps for a plastic pig :)

Started knocking up some templates for the bulkhead. Alloy at this stage then I will flatten the alloy and transfer the shape to steel, much easier to get a perfect panel. I have a box of alloy templates from all manner of stuff!

The master cylinder bracket will bolt to this new section at 3 points where the clamp is. The pedal box will also bolt to it lower down. Need to make some other panels to finish off this side and work out how the fixed part of the tunnel will go inside the cockpit...

The frontal (9inches deep) and rear section of gearbox tunnel will be fixed to the chassis and some angle section running between them fixed to the body...so enabling a single sheet of alloy to be bent and screwed into place to make an inspection hatch. I cannot see myself pulling the box out from inside so its not to heavily factored into my thinking, its just as easy to pull the motor and box cause I build everything so simple :) There's next to nothing to disconnect.

Fitted the SPA tacho and speedo. Added some wiring protection to neaten it up.
I need another temp gauge as it lost pressure, was 55 years old.
Did a bit of wiring and tidied up the dash area a bit. Its functional thats all!

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