Friday, February 16, 2007

This and that.

Made another bit of bulkhead, it'll all be continously welded and then I'll bead the inside with adheseal. The steering column clamp needs a small additional panel. Pain having to make it all twice, alloy then steel, but its easier to make accurate bends and forms in 3D panels with good template materual, which is hard in steel!

Just enough room for a seal on the column. The flat face below that aims at the gearbox will be the same on the other side and top, onto this will be bonded a square of alloy with a D cutout over the gearbox..The rest is will be alloy too. Might give the inside a coat of paint at the same time as bulkhead.
Black Jag.

A picture I found on internet.

Think I have may have come to a better solution to my triggering of the Megajolt. I will whip the flywheel off, in the image you can see it uses 36-4 system. I will try and make 8 small "things" from some similar material to the flywheel, I can add to them to replace the teeth that have been machined out. I can then remove two teeth at 90deg to the sensor. The sensor in the K is a VRS like the Ford just the end is different and not enclosed in plastic, its equally magnetic etc so should work ok? It works Dunnel, Alpha, Emerald which all work with the Ford sensor. Hope it works. Not quite sure of how to attach the addition pieces...Could just drill some holes cut threads and screw/bond in add some steel stakes then lathe the gap out to match the rest? Or drill some holes make some slightly larger pins and press them in....Quite alot of work but it'll be superneat using the stock sensor and mount, just a hole in the block.

Can't really weld cast iron? It'll go superhard?...Could get a company like technilok to fill the 4 holes with new cast iron then mill it out again, balance...could test the sensor with the MJL as is to see it atleast sees it? put the flywheel in a lathe and putting the pickup on the tool platform :) + laptop?

I can pickup and fit a 1400 flywheel. I think mine is a 1600. 1600/1800 use a 36-4 and 1400 uses a 36-2. So its less hassle that way, think clutch is same drillings. You can only use a 1400 or 1600 fly in K-'s in RWD form. 1800 is bigger.

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