Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Not much to report!

Little happening on the beast, its all together really. Ring ready?!

Just need some decent front pads and good rear shoes.

I hacked the lower part from my front valance, as without the base plate its just acting an an airbrake. Also it was looking ugly as it wasn't prepped well for painting, or more my construction methods needed some work. I shall make another spoiler of different design over the winter.

For the trip the valance will give maximum lift for maximum straight line speed 8-)

The front end needs lowering, which is a pain as my tracking has been done! The car has loads more rear grip with its lowered setup, or stability at the back, combined with the 600lbs springs the car has a wad of understeer in slow corners...which is quick as you can drive the car just on the limit of the grip without having to fight the rear end -but its a little too much for liking, you can turn into the understeer and stick more lock on it holds line but doesnt turn anymore...maybe the dampers need softening...after seeing Jon Wolfe's car with no anti-roll bar, I might take it off as there is zero roll anyways so there is no really no need for a roll bar eh?! Swing Spring or not, its not on jelly springs so the roll at the front is solely tamed by the springs and the bar is doing bugger all....I can test that by simply removing 1 link....I think its a combo of things... no roll bar saves a few kilos anyways.

GONE are the days of oversteering round roundabouts for lap after lap...That solely caused by wads of bodyroll at the front lifting the inside rear wheel off the floor allowing it to spin easy and give oversteer, crap handling, but fun I guess, my car is quite boring thesedays turn and ermm go round! With the understeer tamed should be quite effective. It works well in tight medium speed and fast long corners its just hairpins or very tight corners that it understeers, which as said isn't a bad thing as fighting the rear, while fun is slow as shite.

Also at the sprint my rear brakes were adjusted a little tight which was giving me some oversteer on entry to tight corners, backed them off a bit, its cause of my small bore cylinder experiment, too make the spit brakes at the back work harder to balance out the GT6 front brakes...seems to work you just need to not adjust them all the way up as you would normally...the 0.750" master cylinder has made them work harder than the 5/8th no doubt..So took me a while to get a handle on the settings.

Stable for the Ring anyway! The RE720's are extremely progressive . I fitted the new tyres but have yet to drive it or scrub them in, maybe that will help as they are all the same and the yoko's are well old and bald, the chunky tread on the new tyres should move about more and generate more heat and bite anyways. I think it needs a 3/4" lowering.

I have basically just gotta fit the air/fuel ratio meter and check my jetting and sort the exhaust, the ignition is running well and fuelling is ok I think - the car was cruising well at 100mph the other day, saw genuine 6000rpm in 5th -125mph few days ago, little loud and noisey! I brought some decent ear plugs for me trip to the ring!...If I don't get round to the exhaust I will hack the spare silencer in half, weld it up and bolt it to the back of my current one for circuit laps..They will kick me off with the racket it makes atm no question. Have to watch it getting on the speedferry, it might beach out on the ramps!

Re-packed my front hubs with grease.

Might change the headgasket before the trip as its a funny one, copper/asbestos/steel, works fine but it leaks wads of oil from the follower side when used at 5000rpm + and makes a mess, bit thick than payen too costing me some comp ratio. Might just run a bead of adheseal along the side to stop the leaks and take a spare gasket?! Be silly to go all that way without spare headgasket!

Fitted some doorseals the dust and road crap entering the car was profoundly annoying! weight addition yuck!

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