Saturday, April 07, 2007

Aliens didn't like my Spitfire. I got it back today :)

Thought i'd start getting the engine ready.

Very easy head removal, undo the 10 50cm long bolts, head lifted off easy as pie.

Bores are faultless, no ridge, honing marks present, no scoring, marking etc. Plenty of carbon, but not welded on, black from start up fueling, no trashing and town driving, this engine was used for short trips, a lady owner or town driver?

Will clean up the piston crowns tomorrow and clean the tops of the liners ready for new gasket.

Old gasket was sweet, no signs of bead lift or movement.

Spent this afternoon cleaning the head and cam housing, degreasing, washing, cleaning off the "gloop" used to seal the cam housing on to the head...Lots of elbow grease with a soft scotch pad and thinners...Welded on! You have no seal on this, relies on 32 bolts and gloop.

Never like working on dirty mess, so its clean and ready for surgery.

All bolts have bits have been washed and now wrapped in clingfilm.

Engine is a very nice condition it was a bargain! Couple of small things but nothing important.

Head is now clean, so I will pop down the engineering shop next week, remove all the valves on a machine as its quicker! Port the seat areas. Relap on an air lapper, less like hard work with 16 valves.

Nice and shiney, tiny little collects, springs and caps..Need a few new followers but 13 are ok for a planish and then be reused.
Head has never been overheated, its perfect. No fire ring marks in the head face, you see LOADS of heads on ebay with massive deep rings round the chambers, these heads are fubared.

Engine has never been apart or messed with. It had steel head dowels and a revised head gasket on it, so much have been later one.

I will get the surface refaced but not skimmed, as there is some microscopic marking as to be expected.

So the head will be faced, ported, valves lapped in..

Shiney, like working on a Formula 1 engine compared to a Triumph one!

Hopefully get it back on next weekend with the cams fitted ready for timing up.

Pleased, cause I could have brought an overheated engine, where its obviously little used and what I can see is perfect.

Complete head with cam cover weighs only 11kilos :)

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