Monday, April 16, 2007

Few final valve tweaks

Just about done, final 0.010" skim has been made. Edge of chambers deburred and smoothed.

Below you can see a quality cut back and very thin seat on the valve, exactly the width of the valve seat in the head. I was pleased to see my valve bloke Alan inspecting each valve with a high powered eye glass and backing each one off exactly to the imprint from the lapping in 0.010-0.014" thou deep at 60degrees. Basically the back of the valve is 3 angle, but the angles are so fine its basically a smooth radius.
Nice one.
The edge of the valve has been rounded from seat to back face. Angle grinder running in the vice, valve in a drill spun on the grinder disk then polished on some 120 grit sand paper strips. This is important on an exhaust valve as firstly the gas needs to be able to flow around the valve edge in a smooth way on its exit and 2nd it created less disruption / swirl / vortex as its opening and is alot smoother pushing into the hot expanded gases...Like an aerodynamic car versus an Austin Allergo.

Finished off the matching of the inlet manifold to the ports too.

Just gotta smooth off the edges of the inlet valves, lap them in, then wash all the grit out the head and its complete ready for reassembly, atleast once I get a head gasket set and some new valve guide stem seals.

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