Monday, April 09, 2007

Crank Sensor testing

Thought it best to actually check the K-Series crank sensor works on the Megajolt. Best not spend the afternoon adjusting the flywheel to find out it doesn't work!

Good news is, the sensor works perfectly well.

It needs to run closer to the trigger disk than the Ford one and doesn't like vibration, was spiking slightly before I adjusted my trigger disc spinner and made it more concentric. This is probably cause the sensor is designed to run in the centre of a ring of teeth, ie teeth on both sides of the thin centre prong and its less magnetic than the ford ones.

However after making some adjustments to the test rig it operated exactly like the ford one, showing mild 3-8% acceleration fluctuations as per ford items, due to the bench grinder pulsing at max rpm. No spikes or odd happenings once the sensor prong was close to the trigger disc. As said I am sure the signal will be improved when its on the flywheel properly with teeth either side of it and wider spacing between the teeth.

Happy enough with that.

Could use a laptop, had to drag my PC into the garage.
I just held the sensor close to the trigger disc that is attached to the bench grinder, which does about 3000rpm :)

I can now go and wire it up properly.

The cable system I was using for the test probably wasn't ideal either as it was unshielded bits of thick wire, over 2metres long!

Another small job out the way. I tested 3 other ford VRS sensors and they did they the same thing.

I will probably change the big ends on the K engine for irdium, lead, copper ones, swap rear and front crank seals, port the oil pump. I can then get the crank balanced with the flywheel. Thats all I will do. Fingers crossed for many years of reliable use!

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