Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Opps, bit addictive this porting

Bit addictive this porting lark.

Seems DVA just grinds the guides off flat, as this seems to work I thought i'd move up a level.

As seen above there are huge guide bosses in the port, the idea is to get rid of these. Guides are 6mm shorter, but its a hydraulic tappet engine, so wear is minimal anyway as there is no sideload on the valves, so lets go for it!

Thats better :) Bit late, 3am so will finish of this pair of ports tomorrow. Ran out of flap wheels for finishing off too.

Need to remove about another 1mm from the boss area and clean up a few bits...Also measure the port entry and remove some material from the sides too.

Some funny angles in there. Needs more attention. Guess I am looking at 2hrs per pair of ports...then may as well do the exhaust ports too, these are less work...

I guess in the space of 5hrs I have moved from a quick clean up to a full port job, oh well...I read a quick and dirty port with backed off valves is worth 15-20% extra flow at max lift...Full race pro job up to 33%.

I didn't want to get into messin with the engine internals but I have to modify everything, I just can't help it! VVC head is very good as it is, its exceptional when reworked.

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