Thursday, April 12, 2007

Inlets finished - Major porting!

You might see my blog has gone from Club Triumph, will be back, forgot to renew my membership! opps.

Well thank the lord, 12hrs work and my inlets are complete. Just have to fit manifold tomorrow and check its still good on the head.

Porting is extremely boring I think, specially when there are 16 throats! Fun for the first 4 maybe.

The image above is a DVApower VVC fully ported head prolly for 220HP. This was my "what to aim for".. I didn't want the main part of the throat quite as shiney on the carbs but the rest is the good for copying.
The end result, all the throats are the same and same areas fettled and opened out. Gone are the guide bosses. The sidewalls of the throats are now 1.5-2mm larger in places and any high spots removed. The port spilter is now knife edged which was alot of work with a mini burr.

Must say all the work is delicate, one slip and your screwed, managed not to put a mark on the valve seats.

Above shows walls closest to the camera are still roughish where as anything from the spilter onwards has been polished to a mirror finish with felt wheels and soap.
Above is the same DVAhead with modified chamber, I'd like to do, but...I lack the tools. You can see the throats and compare them to mine below.

The area below the seat has been opened out quite a bit. This was pre-soap buffing.

Quite happy with the end result. I think the job is a gooden eh?

I can port ok. I just don't enjoy it really.

Bloody exhaust ports to do now!

Not quite as bad as they are smaller and shorter and the guide boss for the guides is alot smaller. I said I wasn't gonna do anything to the head! the valves are a bit "pocketed" on the chamber but I'd need to make some dummy valves to protect the seats and its difficult work to sort that out. I'd rather not perfect my technique on this head!

One more picture of what it was like before!

YUCK! Look at the size of the bosses and buldges before the bosses, maybe the first bulges are there to deflect air over and around the bosses , so its less of a hit and swirl or dead stop!? No bosses now, no need for bulges!

That lot combined with the same treatment for the exhausts must be worth a number of HP and some torque eh.

Anyways it'll be getting light soon :) Best get to bed...12hrs of solid concentration is good for no man!

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