Sunday, April 08, 2007

More hacking and cutting, exhaust fits.

Decoked the pistons, cleaned liners, checked the timing marks.

No suprise the timing marks are 1.5degrees out of wack.

I had a look at where the flywheel trigger system ends up at TDC punched some marks on the flywheel for future reference. Good stuff as its in the middle of a tooth so should be able to mod the existing system of teeth to use the normal VRS sensor...If that doesn't like the megajolt will have to get the flywheel off and make a metal band/ring with holes drill in it to trigger the system and a use a normal sensor, whatever.

Exhaust manifold lines up well, hacked the remainder of the bulkhead away, I can get on and make the other side.

Probably a couple of days work getting the whole bulkhead fixed up.

Good cheap option.
The kinked main pipe will be cut off at the collector and a new piece made up with the link lower down and this will run along the outrigger.

I could cut the collector off and extend the primaries to almost twice the currect length...Easy as its simply adding some pipe and no bending needed...Thats a good option I think.

Its a perfect fit.

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